When; Sunday May 9th 2010
Where; Dublin City Centre
Start time; 2.30pm
Finish time; 5.30pm (officially) much later (unofficially)
Grab your camera, some mates and clear your sunday afternoon to take part DUBLINS SHATTA CHANSU, brought to you by the IJET commitee in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan.

With Japanese and Irish Themed photo challenges, you and your team will race through Dublin city centre taking photos of each other doing silly poses at popular, famous or down right random spots, landmarks, and buildings in the city, before time runs out and you have to head to the meeting place.

At the meeting place (pub) you present your evidence (your camera and its pictures) to an IJET representative who will note your finish time and the amount of challenges you completed.
The champion team will be the team with the most challenges done in the least time. And they will recieve first place (and a prize). There will be second place prizes too.

We will even provided a nice platter of food for all teams at the meeting place (pub).
More details will follow soon.
But if you are up for it, send an email to jet@embjp.ie  to register yourself or your team.

(Dont worry, teams will be made on the day using a lottery system).
Teams will be limited to 3 people.
Ex JETs, ex JETs friends, Japanese Society people, College students, Aspiring JETs…all are welcome!!

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