Experience Japan Day

Experience Japan Day is back this year kickin it on Sunday, 1st April at Farmleigh House.

The launch of Experience Japan 2012 will take place at 6.45pm on Thursday 29 March at the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield, and will include the European cinema premiere of the documentary films Lives after the Tsunami (74 minutes) by director Shuichi Morimoto, and Tsuchioto (23 minutes) by director Yui OkuboBoth films visit the tsunami affected regions in the days after the disaster, and feature meetings with individuals and groups trying to cope with the aftermath.

Experience Japan Hanami Festival Day will be held from 12.00 to 4.00pm at Farmleigh House and Estate in Dublin’s Phoenix Park on Sunday 1 April (see www.farmleigh.ie/ for information on access by car and public transport).  This event is supported by Dublin City Council and the Office of Public Works.  As in the previous 2 years of this event, it will be an opportunity to join the Japanese community in Dublin and enjoy hanami and a full programme of cultural activities including Japanese fashion, music, martial arts, children’s activities, and of course Japanese food.  All events and performances will be free of charge. 

A variety of additional Experience Japan 2012 events, including film presentations, exhibitions and workshops, will take place until mid-April at the Chester Beatty Library, University College Dublin, Dublin City University and other venues around Dublin.

For further information on this year’s programme of events, please see the Experience Japan 2012 website: http://experiencejapan.ie/w/?page_id=6, and Facebook for updates www.facebook.com/pages/Experience-Japan/364831154258.  For all enquiries, please contact ExperienceJapan@alc.ucd.ie, or info@experiencejapan.ie.   

IJETAA will be there MCing, storytelling, bigging up in the JET Programme, standing around awkwardly and getting in the way. What else would one do at a Japanese event? We hope to see you there for a great day!

Points for spotting the photobomb!


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