April Japanese Lesson

I hope all you lads are working on your kajimen skillz! I’d like to thank Kondo Sensei again for another excellent lesson. Now to start on my homework…

The next lesson will be on Saturday, 21st April, from 1pm, Naomi’s apartment in Dublin city centre (Please contact for directions). Let us know if you’re interested!

Don’t know what a kajimen is? Well you had better come to the next lesson!


One thought on “April Japanese Lesson

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  1. You mean moshi moshi. Accounts differ. I read that moshi moshi is soppused to be a sound that foxes (regarded as prankish shape shifting spirits) can’t make, so when the self you’re calling answers the phone moshi moshi, you know you’re talking to a human and not a fox posing as a human. I’ve also heard that moshi moshi comes from mousu, which means to say, and that moshi used to be used when talking to people, even if it isn’t any longer.

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