Flowing Noodles, Hittin’ Ricecakes


Thank you everyone for attending Flowing Noodles, Hittin’ Ricecakes. It was a great day with minimal rain! Photos to follow soon! 

IJETAA and Bamboo Suppliers of Ireland are pleased to announce Flowing Noodles, Hittin’ Ricecakes. Let’s forget about sushi and rice for the moment, flowing noodles and flying hammers is what we’re all about! For those you who tried it in Japan, you’ll know how much fun it is! For those who didn’t this is a perfect opportunity to get in there!

The lovely people in Bamboo Suppliers of Ireland (who have also supplied the bamboo for the Nagashi-Somen – www.bamboosuppliers.ie) suggested we have our event at their workshop in Newcastle, Co. Dublin. The 68 bus from Hawkins Street stops right outside (stop No. 3389 in Newcastle) and there will be some lifts available. Let us know if you need a lift!

Flowing Noodles, Hittin’ Ricecakes:

1-4 pm, Saturday, 16th June, 2012, at Bamboo Suppliers of Ireland

Nagashi Somen is when you stand on either side of a bamboo pole and try and catch noodles flowing down with chopsticks, great fun and a lot harder than it sounds!

An old women hobbles up to the stage, barely able to tackle the stairs. She looks like a Connemara breeze would push her over. Then with a glint in her eye, she seizes the hammer and with the strength of 10 men whacks the bejaysus out of bowl of rice. This was my first experience with Mochi-tsuki, a beautifully synchronised dance of flying rice and hammers. Try it for some stress relief and some sticky mochi delights!

BYOB and packed lunch!

Other events on the day include:

More events to be added!


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