March Event

Hello everyone!
So, as you all know, Japanese dining in Ireland can leave a lot to be desired. There are some great restaurants out there, but there is always something missing, whether it is the taste, the authenticity, or quite often the price. It’s just not quite the same as Japan! Wouldn’t it be great if you could cook up a Japanese storm all by yourself?
With that, IJETAA would like to present an exciting event:
“Japanese home cooking, with award winning cook Fiona Ueyama.”
This is a unique opportunity to learn how to make your favourite Japanese dishes at home from the lovely Fiona Uyema. Using Fiona’s easy to follow instructions and tips her demo will give you the knowledge and confidence to try Japanese cooking at home.
During the demo Fiona will introduce you to the basic store cupboard ingredients used in Japanese cooking, where you can buy them, and the particular brands that she’d recommend. She’ll also cover some of the most popular Japanese dishes including miso soup, yakisoba, chicken katsu and the secret to washing and cooking Japanese rice. And of course, there’ll be a lot of chances to try the tasty dishes Fiona will be cooking up too!
Important Details:
The demonstration will be held at the Miele Gallery, Citywest, Dublin. (, on Saturday 15th March. The Miele Gallery is a perfect setting for cooking demonstrations, with professional facilities and ample space. It is easily accessible via bus or luas.
There will be a welcome reception with sweets and hot drinks at 11:00. Then, the demonstration will be from 11:30 to 13:00.
Each person will receive tastings throughout the demo, and a recipe booklet with useful information and tips to take home. Awesome!
There will be a small charge of €5 for each person, which is excellent value for such a demonstration considering it normally costs much more.
Please note there is a maximum of 20 places for the demonstration, and they will fill up very quickly, so please let us know soon whether you would like to attend!
A little bit more about Fiona:
Fiona studied Japanese and Marketing in DCU and lived in Niigata Prefecture for 3 years as a JET participant. (Making this event a great opportunity to support a fellow ex-JET!). She has a blog at, and has been getting great press:,
Please let us know via email at
We look forward to hearing from you,

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