Japanese Meetup Nov 30th & Bounenkai Dec 13th

Dear IJET members ,
If you are a new member/new returnee and would like to get involved in IJETAA event planning please get in touch. We would love for new members to get actively involved!
We have a couple of event updates.
1. Japanese meet-up  
For those of you looking for a more casual Japanese meet up come join us in the TEA GARDEN on Ormond Quay Sunday, November 30th 2pm-4pm.
 love nihongo
To explain a little more, in case it seems a little scary: the lesson is really relaxed and fun, and is welcome to anyone who can speak a little Japanese. You don’t have to be a pro whatsoever, it’s more about enjoying speaking Japanese and chatting about all the excellent things that we experienced in Japan. It’s not all in Japanese, there’s plenty of chat in English too.
2. Bounenkai 
Secondly, on Saturday December 13th from 6.30pm in ZAKURA, Wexford St, Dublin we will celebrate another great year and the beginning of a new one with lots of oishii tabe and nomimonos.   Who knows there might even be Karaoke!
Cost of the restaurant: approx €30pp. This is a BYOB restaurant so feel free to bring whatever you like … €4 corkage fee for wine and BEER IS FREE!
If you would like to come, please get in touch and let us know. Feel free to come, even if you haven’t come to an IJET event before, it’s no problem at all, just do it!
email: jetaaireland@gmail.com

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