Free Judo Class Saturday, June 6th

Free Beginners Judo Class 

Saturday, June 6th

Trinity College Sports Centre 11am – 1pm.

The class will be given by two instructors.

Mr Donal Tannam 4th Dan black belt and member of the Irish Masters Judo Squad. Donal has practiced judo all over the world for many years, and is widely acknowledged as one of the best, and nicest, judo coaches in Ireland. Twice bronze medal winner at World Masters Championships (Derry & Atlanta)

Watch him in action here!

Mr. Joe Moore, 1st Dan black belt and ex-JET Programme participant. Joe was a JET in Niigata for 3 years, and got his black belt in Japan after doing judo since the age of 12 in Ireland.

Background to Judo

Judo is a martial art that was derived from ju-jitsu by a bad-ass Japanese guy called Jigoro Kano. The meaning of judo can be found by breaking up the word – “ju” meaning gentle or soft, and “do” meaning the road or way –> the way of gentleness. Originally a form of self-defense, judo is now an Olympic sport, practiced in more countries around the world than any other. The idea of judo is to use your opponent’s force against them. There aren’t any kicks or punches, instead there are many throwing techniques. Don’t worry though, the session on Saturday, June 6th will take place on mats!

Structure of the class

The class will introduce judo in a relaxed and simple manner, starting with a warm-up and simple “breakfall” techniques which are used to keep safe when being thrown. Then we’ll move on to some beginner techniques which will give you a feel for what judo is really about. It will also be a great opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and sport.

So if you’re interested in joining then please reply by Wednesday, June 3rd. We expect this event to be pretty busy so reply early to guarantee your place.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Details


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