Japanese Cultural Items

IJETAA has a small stock of Japanese cultural items which we would like to build up over the next few months. At the moment, we have the following items: Calligraphy mats, brushes, and ink 3 kendama toys Sake jug and cup set Tea ceremony teapot, trivet, whisk, scoop, and bowl If you would like to... Continue Reading →


JETAA Europe Meeting

On Saturday, 1 October,  Ambassador Miyoshi met with representatives from the JET Programme Alumni Associations of Ireland, France, Germany and the UK who were in Dublin to mark the 30th Anniversary of the JETProgramme and the re-establishment of JETTAA-International .

Calling all Shakespeareans Experience Japan are looking for someone with an interest in Shakespeare and Japan to present a mini-TED type talk in UCD on April 23 as part of a larger event. It doesn't have to be very scholarly, just a way to mark the man's birth/death day! Email ted.esque@yahoo.ie if you're interested  

Satogaeri Programme- Fiona Uyema

  I applied for the JET programme as I believed it provided an invaluable opportunity for me to live and work in Japan. I spent two years on the JET programme from 2002 to 2004 and still today I have close connections with the JET programme and community. The JET programme was a life changing... Continue Reading →

Japanese Classes

As we all know living outside of Japan can be detrimental to your Japanese. Phrases and Kanji you saw and recognised everyday become, well....like Japanese! Once you are on home soil again. With the JLPT December exam fast approaching we decided it might be a good idea to get back into the J-go way of... Continue Reading →

Ikebana Classes

Thanks to the wonderfully talented Ms. Tomoko Ozaki a number of IJETAA members could explore the world of ikebana. Ms. Ozaki showed us that there is far more to ikebana than simply arranging flowers¬†in a vase, there are a number of rules involved in order to bring the arrangement to life. The Japanese peoples deep... Continue Reading →

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