Applying for your pension & tax refund

Please refer to the Pension Refund Section of your General Information Handbook for detailed information. Below is a condensed version on how to claim your pension refund.

•  Before you leave Japan , get the “Claim Form for the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment” (dattai ichijikin saitei seikyu-sho) from your local Social Insurance Office (shakai hoken jimusho), or you can simply print out the form via this link

•  Complete the form AFTER you leave Japan

•  Applications must be submitted within two years of leaving Japan .

2) You will need to attach the following documents to your form

  • Pension Book (nenkin techo). This is the small blue book that was given to you by your Contracting Organisation when you first arrived. (Write down the membership number in the book for your reference)
  • A photocopy of the photograph page of your passport showing your name, date of birth, nationality and signature
  • A photocopy of the passport page showing your date of departure from Japan
  • A document verifying your bank details (name, branch address, account number) To facilitate the process a bank in your home country is suggested

3) Post the original claim form and the attached documents to; Japan Pension Service, 3-5-24 Takaido-Nishi , Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-8505 , Japan . Keep a copy of the application for your own reference.

4) The application can take up to six months to process, though some are completed much faster. Once the application has been processed, the money will be remitted into the nominated bank account. You can then claim the refund for tax withheld on the payment.

The reimbursement amount is calculated at the currency exchange rate on the day of transaction. Your lump-sum withdrawal is automatically taxed 20%. This tax is refundable but to apply, you must do the following within 5 years after leaving Japan

•  Designate a person who is a resident of Japan to be your tax representative (usually your supervisor). Once you have chosen someone you have to file an ‘Application to Appoint a Tax Representative’ (nouzeikanri-nin no todoke-sho) at your local tax office (zeimusho). The form can be found on p. 266 of the Japanese Host Institution Manual (keiyaku dantai-you manyuaru)

•  Once you receive your Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment in your home country, make a copy of the Notice of Lump-sum Payment (dattai ichijikin shikyu kettei tsuuchi-sho) receipt that is sent to you (for your records) and send the ORIGINAL to your appointed tax representative in Japan . They will then go to the tax office and file a Payment Confirmation (kakutei shinkoku-sho). This can be done at any time of the year and your representative does not need to wait until January 1 st of the following year as you would with other tax refunds. The refund will be directly deposited into your tax representative’s account in Japan , and they will in turn have to send it to you. If your supervisor has any questions, there is a detailed description of the procedure in the Japanese Host Institution Manual (keiyaku dantai-you manyuaru)

The amount of money you will be refunded depends on the number of months you spend on the JET Programme, for a detailed table of the amount you should expect to receive please consult . Any further enquiries should be made to the local tax office. Neither CLAIR nor the Embassy of Japan handle the paperwork for this refund, or hold any information on it.


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