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The skills and experience gained on the JET Programme can be an asset when looking for another job; if nothing else, a year (or more) living in Japan proves you have the resourcefulness and initiative to survive in a different culture, using a different language, on a different continent from your friends and family. For those who want to use their Japanese or JET experience directly in their next job, here are a few places to begin.

Teaching Japanese:

For an overview of teaching Japanese at secondary level, the Post-Primary Languages Initiative website is very useful: www.languagesinitiative.ie .

Teachers who are currently on a career break and wish to introduce Japanese in their schools when they return (either as a Transition Year or Leaving Cert module) should contact the Initiative office. The Initiative can provide support, including teaching materials. Returning Primary teachers who are hosting Japanese events in their schools should also contact the same office.

Occasionally vacancies arise for teachers at secondary level. Any JET interested in teaching Japanese should send their CV to the Initiative office. Level 2 of the Japanese Proficiency Test or equivalent is needed to teach Leaving Certificate Japanese (as a two-year cycle, i.e. there is no Junior Certificate Japanese). However, such a high level is not required for Transition Year courses, as the idea is to give students a taste of the language and culture.

Returning JETs who are interested in the teaching of Japanese are recommended to join the Japanese Language Teachers of Ireland (JLTI) association. The JLTI also hosts a number of workshops related to the teaching of Japanese throughout the year, inviting foreign and domestic speakers.

For further information please see their website at http://www.jltireland.com/index/about_en.html


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