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Japanese Cultural Resources:

Books and Cultural Materials

The Embassy of Japan has a small library of Japanese books, as well as a number of audiovisual materials available for borrowing. Some cultural materials (such as yukata, happi coats, Japanese lanterns) are also available. For more information, see the “Culture & Education” section of the Embassy’s website.

Contact: Embassy of Japan

Nutley Building , Merrion Centre, Nutley Lane , Dublin 4

Tel: (01) 202 8300



DVDs and Videos

With the increasing popularity of Japanese cinema (particularly in the horror and anime genres), many titles are now available to buy in large chain stores such as Tower and HMV. In Dublin , a slightly wider range is available from the Laser chain for either rental or retail.

Laser Branches

•  23 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2

•  13 St. Andrew’s Street, Dublin 2

Household goods

There is a small and reasonably well-stocked branch of Muji in Dublin . Lifting up the price tags to see the yen equivalent may prove amusing.

•  Muji, 5 Chatham Street , Dublin 2


There are many Asian food stores around the country selling stock items such as noodles, tofu and seaweed. For specifically Japanese items such as mirin, dashi and even Pocky, your best bet may be the Asia Market. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, it is possible to order food from the UK . A wide range of Japanese food (and other Japanese products) is available from www.japancentre.com .

•  Asia Market Ltd, 8 Drury Street , Dublin 2 (near George’s Street Arcade)


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